Liberal Democrats in the us Senate Send a Warning to the us Supreme Court Based on a Gun Case Filed in New York.

Liberal Democrats in the us Senate Send a Warning to the us Supreme Court Based on a Gun Case Filed in New York.

Over 50% of NYCHA employees earned overtime; the question becomes why were so many apartments still in disrepair?  Reprehensible.

Kyle Sammin writes in National Review about a socialist predecessor of Ocasio-Cortez in Congress.  Mr. Sammin’s article gives his readers a good history lesson; one that Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez should be aware of since her beliefs are so similar to those of Congressman Vito Marcantonio.

When it comes to health care, socialists are at the forefront; Elad Vaida asks this question,  if Medicare is for all, why not Chevrolets for all, in his Daily Signal article.

‘Medicare for All’ Will Further Lower Physician Morale.

Meet the titans of finance, tech and philanthropy funding New York’s socialist surge.

Maria McFadden Maffucci writes in Newsmax how Bill de Blasio is wrong to call abortion a ‘sacred choice.

Claws out after Trump administration overhauls ‘bureaucratic’ Endangered Species Act.

Mark Krikorian opines on Trump’s Commonsense Rule on Immigrant Welfare Use.

Christopher Tremoglie writes in National Review that conservatives need courage.  (As a side note, he should come to New York State where he would meet a lot of conservatives with courage.)

Robert Knight gives insight into the scary lessons from history.

A gun case filed in New York has stirred liberal democrats in the US Senate to send a stunning warning to Supreme Court: ‘Heal’ or face restructuring.

The Promise and Pitfalls of Universal Background Checks.

Gregg Jarrett: Comey’s FBI was running a secret counterintelligence operation against Trump, new docs show.

The Democratic Party Wants Your Tax Dollars – To Pay For Their Campaigns.

The Democratic Party Wants Your Tax Dollars – To Pay For Their Campaigns.

Unelected members of a created commission are preparing to spend $100M on public financing to help fund candidates’ campaigns according to an article by Michael Gromley in yesterday’s Newsday.  Mike Gormley writes that it is almost a foregone conclusion that this will definitely be sanctioned by the commission members and that the elected officials – charged with making these decisions – will abdicate their responsibility and not challenge the Commission’s  decision.  The Conservative Party strongly disagrees with the legislative intent of the Commission and has filed a lawsuit in the NYS Supreme Court; only duly elected members of the legislature – not those appointed by elected officials – have the responsibility to write the laws that govern New York’s citizens.  Read the article to understand just how far Jay Jacobs plans to go with public financing and while he is euphoric about using your money to pay for campaigns, he will be absolutely gleeful if he can end fusion voting at the same time.

Before Mr. Jacobs is overcome with joy, perhaps he should read this:  Cuomo’s Push to Ban Fusion Voting Could Violate State Constitution.  Ross Barkin explains in, that Chairman/Commissioner Jacobs may be counting his chickens before they are hatched.  Former Assembly Member Richard Brodsky, currently representing the Working Families Party, doubts that any Supreme Court Judge will “shrug off three Court of Appeals decisions…”

Then there is today’s NY Post editorial:  Why judges will end up writing New York’s new campaign laws.  The editorial states in part that “the larger problem, though, is the whole gimmick of the people’s elected representatives passing the business of writing new election and campaign law off to a bunch of appointees.”  The NY Post editorial ends with this “The whole thing is making a farce of representative government.”   To this the Conservative Party says:  how true, the men and women who what to use your tax dollars (so much easier than reaching out to you for your financial support) to get elected are willing to appoint a commission to make the decision they are elected to make so they can say, “I didn’t vote to do that.”


What makes a union decide to shrink: Avoiding accountability

Cuomo’s pricey wind-power gift to unions.

Ken Girardin explains the Democrats’ plan for a nationwide giveaway to public-sector unions.

All those worried about the warmer summers, should read this:  Official readings show no warming in US over last 15+ yrs.

As your children or grandchildren head off to college, put this book into their backpack:  ‘Debunking Howard Zinn’

Bernie:  You are so out of touch with the real world.  Bernie Sanders proposes canceling $81 billion U.S. medical debt.

So good to see former Secretary of Defense James Mattis on Fox and Friends this morning and reading his words of wisdom from Jim Geraghty ‘s Morning Jolt column.

He probably thinks he is overworked:  De Blasio logged a 7-hour work month at City Hall.

New York public school enrollment: back to early 1990s, and still falling.

Eighteen Years Later: The Day Before New York’s Day Of Infamy

Eighteen Years Later: The Day Before New York’s Day Of Infamy

Kudos to Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato, D-Queens  who sponsored, passed and the had the Governor sign legislation that adds 9/11 to the list of holidays to be commemorated in schools and allows public schools in New York every 9/11 to memorialize the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.  It has been 18 years, since that horrific day etched its graphic images of people desperately trying to survive while police and firefighters ran toward the burning Twin Towers; 18 years that far too many families have only memories of their loved ones; 18 years that still haven’t healed our broken hearts and 18 years that we have resolved to never let America be vulnerable again.  America will never forget that Tuesday morning which began with clear blue skies and hardly a cloud to be found and ended with, flames, concrete dust, twisted steel, and bodies of our family, friends and neighbors amongst the rubble of two towers that were the iconic symbol of lower Manhattan’s skyline.  America was one nation 18 years ago; we must rekindle, remember and respect that we are still that same one nation before our enemy’s believe what they see as our discord is a weakness they can and will exploit.

Tom Wrobleski shares his concern that 9/11 is becoming another forgotten day in American history in the Staten Island Advance.  Well worth the read.

Conservatives support the nomination of Eugene Scalia for Secretary of Labor.

Can you believe this?  New York Times writer’s advice to Democrats: Lie about what you believe to defeat Trump.

Check out our latest video posted on our website:  This is your government New York.  It is the first one under videos.

Good news that the main street media will not report on:  Over 6 Million Americans Drop Off Food Stamps Under Trump Presidency.

Big Labor really does not respect the US Supreme Court decision in Janus vs. AFSCME.

Dennis Prager opines on the equation that explains evil.

The Post Journal’s editorial:  State Should Write Own Laws, Not Rely on Commissions.

In case you missed our press release on the Commission’s meeting today, you can read it here.

Why the system failed to stop Nikolas Cruz — and could do it again.

From  Editorial — Self-imposed blockage: Cuomo blames National Grid for a problem that he created.

The NYPD firing of Officer Daniel Pantaleo

The NYPD firing of Officer Daniel Pantaleo

Brooklyn, NY – Caving to political pressure, the NYPD fired Officer Daniel Pantaleo today, for simply doing his job. It was obvious that Officer Pantaleo would be fired when Mayor de Blasio proclaimed that Garner’s family was “going to get justice … in the next 30 days” during a Democratic presidential primary debate on July 31. Mayor de Blasio politicized the unfortunate and untimely death of Eric Garner in his quest for president, in complete disregard to the fact that Officer Pantaleo was not indicted by a grand jury.

“The Conservative Party disagrees with NYPD Commissioner O’Neil’s decision to fire Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Multiple investigations on various levels and a Grand Jury probe determined that his actions did not violate the laws,” said Conservative Party State Chairman Jerry Kassar.

The Bronx County Chairman William Newmark, agreed with PBA President Pat Lynch who stated that “O’Neill chose politics over the police officers he claims to lead.”

Thomas M. Long, who chairs the Queens County Conservative Party organization questioned in the wake of this decision “the ability of the NYPD to turn around plummeting morale.”

Brooklyn County Chairwoman, Frances Vella-Marrone, stated “the system up until this point worked. It evaluated the information as presented and concluded that Pantaleo was innocent. The Commissioner’s decision is unjust.”

“I would expect in light of this firing that all NYC police officers will be extraordinarily cautious in doing their jobs knowing that the department will not back them,” stated Manhattan Party Chairman Stuart J. Avrick.

Harold Wagner, Chairman of the Staten Island Conservative Party, “I dare say the men and woman of the Staten Island Conservative Party, many former law enforcement members themselves, would strongly disagree with this highly political decision.”

Essentially, every police officer just had their ability to do their job – enforce laws and protect every person – curtailed and seconded guessed by police haters, and possibly hesitate not knowing if the action taken will lead to their dismissal. New Yorkers are less safe now, knowing that every decision made by police officers will be judged by those who were not present and only know the results.