Cuomo’s insulting resignation speech — self-serving to the end

Cuomo’s insulting resignation speech — self-serving to the end

It’s not me. It’s you.

That was Andrew Cuomo’s self-serving, tone-deaf resignation Tuesday. New Yorkers have always known he was a hugger, a kisser. But “the lines have shifted” so suddenly you can’t do that anymore, he said with a “Mad Men”-esque expression of shock. What’s a little groping between a boss and his aide? You can’t do that anymore??

Cuomo finally did the right thing, saying he was going to be out of office in 14 days. But despite his pleas of “I accept full responsibility,” he accepted none at all. He blamed a “hot” political environment. He blamed his enemies. He blamed Twitter. He claimed holding men to account was “unsustainable for society.”

Then he mansplained how much he’s done for New York, skipping over the nursing home fiasco, the book he forced his staff to work on, the disastrous bills he didn’t block. 

He said it was “in the best interest” of New York state that he serve, but it was going to cost too much money and take too much effort to impeach him. No, he didn’t do anything wrong. It’s that it would be too much of a distraction to try him for it.

“You know me,” Cuomo said. 

Yes, we do. You’re the egocentric governor who never accepted any blame, never showed a shred of regret, but attacked all his enemies with rabid hatred. 

No, Andrew. It’s not us. It was always you.